Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple Perfection

I can be so hard on myself.  I want to do it all.  And I want to do it right.  No, I want to do it perfectly.  And because I am human, it is never perfect.  I am never perfect. 

I fail.  I disappoint myself.  I disappoint others.  Sometimes, I fear I disappoint God.  Oh, how I want to please Him and others and myself, but I know I disappoint.

But I was reminded of something on one of my favorite blogs tonight...  He doesn't want my perfection;  He wants my praise.

Instead of all of the striving I do in vain to reach the impossible goal of perfection, He just wants me to acknowledge Him for who He is and to give Him praise.

When I am standing in the wreckage of my own attempts at perfection I can look on His perfectness and choose to praise Him.  Somehow He picks up the pieces and gives me peace.

In my imperfection I can give my praise to a perfect God.  And I feel His smile on me.  He delights over me in all my mess and mess-ups.  Just because I chose to praise Him.

He doesn't want my perfection.  He wants my praise.  Perfectly simple