Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Inner Princess

We have a little princess living in our home right now. She wears her tiara with pride and flashes her wand about as if the world is at her command. We watch princess movies, play with princess toys, wear princess clothes, and read princess books. Her dad, sister, and I are often enlisted to be the prince or king. But NEVER the princess. That role is taken!

It is so fun to watch her and play along. We all love a good princess story, don't we? It has got me thinking though. Where do we learn this whole princess thing? Why is it that it seems little girls have a natural desire to be the princess and to be loved and treasured by a prince or king?

Could it be that deep in our hearts we know, even as a little girl, that we are daughters of a King? Before we hear the voices of the world creeping into our hearts telling us that we are not good enough or strong enough or pretty enough, do we hear the whisper of the King telling us that we are loved and treasured and enough? As I watch my three year old princess I believe she believes that she is a princess!

How do we find that inner princess again? NOT our inner diva, but our inner princess! How I want to know in my heart that the King loves me and treasures me for exactly who I am, who HE made me to be!

In Romans 8:15-17 I read that I am a daughter of the King. I am a co-heir with Jesus, His Son! I am a member of the Royal Family, yet I live like a pauper. I go about my day expecting nothing extraordinary. I don't seek the things He has to give me because I don't see all the treasures laying at my feet. I am so consumed with me and my feelings and my worries that I walk right past the palace so that I can sit in the rubble. The rubble of all that I have tried to create myself instead of trusting my Father, the King.

God has chosen US, His princesses, a royal and set apart people (I Peter 2:9). My three year old knows she is a princess and she is not afraid to tell us! Isn't it time for me to start living like the princess that I am? Shouldn't I be showing the world in the way I act, talk, and live that I am different? Shouldn't I be living in a "set apart" way?

How does a princess act? She is full of grace, compassion, inner strength, and kindness. People are drawn to her because they feel loved. A daughter of the King has a relationship with her Father that is seen in the way she lives. She has a passion for the things that her Father cares about and she goes about her day doing the work He calls her to do. Yes, she is beautiful, but it is the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit (I Peter 3:4).

In all the good princess stories, it takes the love of a true prince to save the princess. I am so very grateful for the true love of a King, a love that has saved me from myself.

And I am so very thankful for little princesses who teach us big lessons!