Thursday, October 8, 2009

Once Upon a Potty

That is the title of a book we have been reading often in our home lately. I am not going to push her to be potty-trained but I did go out and buy a potty so she could start becoming familiar with the concept. As you can see, this might take a while!

She loved the Elmo underwear we bought and had to take each pair out of the package and name all of the characters, "Elbo, Abby, Bir (Big Bird), Oie (Zoe), E (Ernie), and HaHa (count)". It was very exciting!

After establishing that they were not hats, she had to put each pair on. All eight of them at once!!

Now, off to try the potty! Let's start with a good attitude!

Should I stand in it or on top of it?
That doesn't seem to work! What should I try next?
Let's see if Bee can fit in there!
Maybe he should sit on top of it!
Good job Bee!
This should make you more comfortable!
Maybe we both could sit on this thing!
Or maybe not...
It's okay, we'll try again tomorrow!

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Crystal Olson said...

Oh Stacey, how funny!! Jordan insisted on getting out the potty for Addison the other day, and we had similiar experiments. I didn't have my camera ready, unfortunately. We aren't trying to potty train yet, but Addison has been telling me "eewwwww" when she poos and needs a new diaper sometimes and "et, et" and pulls her diaper sometimes when she is wet. These aren't regular occurances, and I'm in no hurry just surprised!