Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is the Good Life!

Playing in a tent with your cousins:

Camping with some very special people:

Playing cornhole:

Floating down the river on a quiet, peaceful day:

Your first cell phone!

Sharing a laugh with a cousin:

Digging your first cell phone out of the cake:

Walking through rain puddles:

Taking a rest on a rock:

Driving GrandDad's mower: (pretending)

For real:

Laughing at your silly big sister:

Rolling down a hill:

Or running:

And falling:

And laughing about it:

Butterflies dancing around your head:

Picking raspberries with Grandma:

Trying to reach the top of the corn:

And hiding in the corn:

Walking with grandma to the barn:

Feeding the chickens:

Petting Scout:

And more feeding of the chickens:

This is the good life!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Tracy