Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Some Pictures

I am taking a break from facebook for a while so I just wanted to post some pictures on here for my family and friends to see my girls.

Anna has been really into standing on her tiptoes lately:

She loves to ride her rocking horse in front of the window:

She learned this from her daddy, of course:

She is telling Allie something very important:

Allie being cute:

Anna and McDuff waiting for someone to come along and let them out:

Anna after playing in the sand table:

Anna's new playset. She loves to go on the "WEE!":

Trying out some grass:

One of our camping trips at our church camp:

Mother's Day 2009:


Uncle Jim said...

Love it ! Uncle Jim

Susie said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures, beautiful YOU. Glad that you are filled with joy in your new home. God is good.
Love ya!