Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

We have been going to the park:

And to grandma's house:

And just hanging out at home:

I have absolutely been loving spring this year! I had forgotten all of the colors and smells that come with spring. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and I now have a lilac bush in my backyard which I have always wanted. It brings back so many childhood memories. That smell is the best! I won't go on. I just have loved every moment of it. Even the rainy ones!

Our house is feeling more like a home now. The process is taking longer than I would like but with a one year old it is not so easy. Anna is also loving the spring weather and is obsessed with being outside. The moment she wakes up, literally, she starts, "zowside?" and she doesn't stop all day. Allie and I have been taking turns going out with her. Allie is also enjoying spring and is remembering some about it but has forgotten more than I expected. It is kind of like a new experience for her.

Here is a video of the sound that we hear in our house almost constantly, Anna calling her sister, Allie. (You will have to put the blog music on pause to hear it.)


Anonymous said...

I really miss the lilac bush that was in my yard when I was growing up. I love the smell. Thanks for keeping us posted with pictures and your blog. Tracy

R said...

I found you through MckMama's blog and wanted you to know you'll be in my prayers- especially this weekend. I also thought I'd share that if we'd had a girl Anna Grace is the name we had picked out. (((hugs)))