Thursday, April 16, 2009

For my nonFacebook Friends

I just wanted to post some pictures for my friends who don't have facebook. We have been here in Pa for over a week and are feeling somewhat settled. There are still boxes floating around but we are unpacked for the most part.

We had a great Easter service and my sister and her family spent the day with us which I loved. It is feeling springy here and the flowers are coming out and the weather is getting warmer. I love spring! Anna loves to go outside and explore. She stands at the door and says bye-bye which means she wants to go outside and play.

Two of my girls showing some love:

Anna perched in front of the bay window watching the birds and squirrels and wanting to be outside:

Allie doesn't like me to put pictures of her on my blog but I can't resist because she looks so sweet:

Easter egg hunt in our yard:

Easter morning at church:

Dean's 40th birthday was the day before Easter so my sister made him a cake:

(We are finally both 40 so he can stop with all the harrassment!)


Leanne said...

great pictures :)!

Cheryl F. said...

I love the pictures. I also have facebook, would love to be able to chat with you there. Email me.

Cheryl F