Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bunny Hop

Grandma gave Anna this bunny and she is now in love with it!! Today the batteries went dead and she was so sad and frustrated and impatient while I put new ones in and then she danced for joy!


Cheryl F. said...

She is adorable and so smart too to be able to turn on the bunny. How cute. Thanks for all the prayers I can't believe she it has been a year since she saw her face. The time just passes by. My Madeline will be a year old April 5 that is so upsetting, I wish we could of celebrated with her. Hopefully something will work out. Take Care Cheryl F

Crystal Olson said...

How sweet! It is so fun to watch little ones and how they enjoy the simple pleasures in life. If only it would always just take a couple of batteries and a stuffed animal to make them that happy!!!!

Unknown said...

This is so cute!! Izzie has been watching with me and now she is saying "more baby!!" and doing the sign for more! She now is saying "baby dance, baby dance, more!"