Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a little Sweetness

Carly and I made tutus last weekend and Anna loves hers. She really does. The only problem is she seems to have trouble seeing the floor and has fallen on her head a couple of times when bending over.
I saw the tutus on a blog I follow and just had to make one for Anna.

She seemed to pick up on the phone thing very quickly. She loves her Elmo one but definitely prefers the real thing and will quickly snatch one up if left within her reach.

We went to the beach last weekend to see the space shuttle launch. It was really cool to see.

Anna's new favorite toy is her baby that I had intended to give her when she was a little older but she saw it on the shelf and just had to hold her. She has been carrying her everywhere she goes ever since. It is really sweet to see.

Here are the baby's eyes:

Giving the baby hugs:

Giving the baby kisses (now that she can blow kisses that is the only kind we get):

Anna's first cookie (It was so good she had to stop and sit on the floor to eat it):

One of the sweetest things to see is the growing bond between Anna and Allie:

They adore each other. Something you will hear almost constantly in our home is the sound of Anna calling, "Ow-wee!" as she walks around looking for her sister. It starts out in a sweet little voice and gets louder each time there is no answer. Our favorite is, "Ow-wee, are you ready?". Apparently she has heard this before... But Allie seems to enjoy it all and loves to take her breaks from her school work to play with and love on Anna Grace.

Happy Spring!!

Now back to packing...


Unknown said...

SO cute!!! I love making tu-tu's! Izzie's first birthday was a tu-tu party. My hubbie and I stayed up all night the night before the party making tu-tu's for all the little girls! It was so fun!!

She's a cutie Stacey!!

Happy packing!

Anonymous said...

I love the tutu pics!! Neely will be wearing hers tonight for her birthday party!! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Can't wait to see you all in person again.
Have fun packing (maybe I can come help unpack :)

Crystal Olson said...

Your daughter's are beautiful! You'll have to share how to make the tutu, I'm sure Jordan would enjoy making and wearing it, as will Addison someday!

Anonymous said...

How nice..those pics are all so adorable!! I was going to say I love the ones with the baby doll..but then I was also going to say I love the ones with Allie.. and then I was going to say I love the ones with the tu-tu!! so... Gosh.. I just love them ALL!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!