Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Slippery Slope

I am not one to post my opinions about politics or social issues on my blog. To be honest, I believe what I believe and argument for the sake of argument is not my style. I'm all about getting along and focusing on the things we can agree on. However, as I watch all of the election coverage and listen to the pundits discussing all of the "issues", there is one issue that I never seem to hear anyone talking about anymore. I hear all about education, the economy, the war, energy, the list goes on and on and on...

But the one issue that I believe is most important, the issue that I always base my vote on, is hardly ever mentioned. The other issues have their place but what about the life of an unborn baby? Does that not even cross our minds anymore? Have we gone so far down the slippery slope of socialism that no one even discusses the importance of a human life? I find it sad and disturbing.

I did some research and found that over 90% of unborn babies who test positive for Down Syndrome are aborted. 90%! Nine out of ten babies with Down Syndrome are never born. We are systematically removing a whole group of people from our world and no one finds that upsetting? Have we ever heard of Hitler? If you know a person with Down Syndrome, you know that these are people who are intelligent, sensitive, loving individuals. They possess qualities of trust, innocense, and faith that we could only hope to possess.

I don't have any statistics but I do know that "technology" has drastically reduced the number of children with SLO, the genetic syndrome that my daughter, Emma, had. She was part of a study in Maryland that required us to travel there twice a year for testing. I noticed over the years that there were less and less babies part of the study. Most of the kids were Emma's age and over. I asked the doctor about that and he said that there just weren't many born anymore. You see, right after Emma was born they developed a way to test a baby before he/she is born to see if they have this syndrome. I was so sad to hear that. Anyone that knew my Emma, knows that her life was valuable. Her life counted. Her life had a quality that I wish mine had. So many Emmas who were not allowed to be born.

I remember in high school learning about the "slippery slope" we had started down when abortion became legal. It didn't mean much to me then. Now, I see it so clearly. We have gone from playing God with the life of an unborn baby to making decisions for the sick, the elderly, the special needs. We encountered this when Emma was born. She was in the NICU at Pittsburgh Chilren's Hospital for six weeks. It was five days after she was born that we got the diagnosis. The way it was presented to us was dark and ugly. We were told the only humane thing to do was to let nature take its course. They wanted us to let her starve, basically. Since she could not suck a bottle, just let her die. Don't feed her through an NG tube, which they do for preemies every single day. We chose to feed her. We chose to love her. We chose her life over our comfort. She gave us so much. She gave this world so much. I don't regret one single day with her.

We encountered it again the night she died. The doctor on duty asked us a series of questions that were so confusing in the crisis of that moment. We had discussed them together before so we knew our answers but it would have been so easy to be lead down a road we didn't want to travel. Down the slippery slope. Emma died anyway, but I live knowing that it was God's timing. Not mine. And certainly not some doctor who felt sorry for us with the sick child.

It is all around us. The devaluing of life. And we sit by and watch it happen. While we argue about the economy or education or equal rights, babies are being killed. Yet we go on with our discussions about oil or taxes. We are our own worst enemy. We are killing our own. And nobody cares.

What is next on this slippery slope? What if there were a way to test for autism or ADHD or "gayness"? What if I could choose to end my child's life because she might turn out to be a democrat? Who decides which lives have value?

I, for one, am not thrilled with the candidates this election year. But, in the end, there is only one choice for me. I choose life. I choose the candidates who value life. I choose people who will not play God with the lives of our children or our sick or our elderly. I choose to do my best to stop our descent down this slippery slope. I hope and pray we haven't gone so far we can't go back.

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.
Deuteronomy 30:19


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful writer, and I so enjoy reading it daily. I agree with you about how our lives have changed through the years, we are on a down slide, it does not get any better, and i agree about the candidates, i guess we just pray about it and God will lead the right man to the job. I am so glad that you and Dean knew what you wanted for Emma, her life did have so much meaning to many people. AS did Carl Romeo Jr. Had his mom not let him live, or raise him themselves, he would not have blessed our lives the way he did. How sad a world would be if we chose who lived. That choice is not ours, but Gods. This country needs God, and needs us as christians to serve him and to help change the lives of those who dare to hurt us and what we believe in.
Have a great night....

Crystal Olson said...

You really do a fantastic job of putting things into words. I understand exactly what you mean about how as a society we devalue life. It is so sad when a pregnant women is encouraged to take test to determine weather her unborn child is "normal" or the politically correct wording is healthy. Who are we to decide what is normal and acceptable! God loves us all and has a special job for each of us to do, and no one else can take our place in his plan!