Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Musical Notes

I absolutely love music and one of the first things I am going to ask God someday is why He chose not to give me talent in that area. When I am down, music can take me someplace else where I forget the things that are bothering me, at least they are put in perspective. The reason I am sharing this is because I wanted to share three of my favorite songs right now. They are the first three in the list on the side and they each have a special meaning.

The first is probably playing right now, if you have the speakers on. It is one I just found by Michael W. Smith called "Anna". I'm sure you can figure out why I like it. It really describes where I am right now in my relationship with my Anna. I am amazed that God has given us this precious gift. She is capturing our hearts in so many ways. To see her personality taking shape is truly a miracle and we are so blessed to be her family. I was looking at the picture on my fridge today of when she was still in the orphanage: and then looking at the baby in my arms and telling myself, "It really happened. You really went half way around the world and brought this little girl home. She is here!". It feels so surreal. It feels so amazing. There are alot of opinions in the adoption world, just as there are everywhere, and I have found that the belief that God has a hand in the adoption process is not popular in some circles. I cannot look at Anna Grace and see the baby that was next on the list when we were next on the list. I look at her and see a beautiful thread in this tapestry that God is weaving together out of all of our lives. I see His hand in our lives. I am so in love with her and the God who created her.

The next song, "She's a Butterfly" by Martina McBride, is one that makes me think of my Emma. She is free and beautiful and singing her heart out. I have a lot of songs that mean so much to me because they bring me comfort. They remind me that God is in control and all of that. This song, though, just celebrates Emma. Who she is now. I can't wait for the day I get to see her running and dancing on those legs of hers and to hear her laugh and sing and say, "I love you, Mommy.". But, for now, I can listen to this song and picture her as my butterfly.

The final song, "Beautiful Flower" by India Arie, is one that makes me think of Allie. Anyone who knows Allie, knows that she has always been wise beyond her years. She has been through more than any adult should have to go through, yet she is strong and courageous. She sees hope and she loves with a passion. She has a tender heart and a strong spirit. She doesn't judge people by how they look or dress, but she sees their character. She makes me so proud and amazed. I am so excited to see what God does with her life. I know He is going to use her in a big way. She has so much life experience already. I will always be cheering her on and praying for her to stay true to who God made her.

So, there you have it. My three favorite songs and my three favorite girls. They bring so much music to my world!

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Beautiful songs and Beautiful girls!