Sunday, October 12, 2008

9 months

Fun at the Zoo:

Anna Grace turned 9 months old today. She is changing and growing so fast! Here are some of the things she is doing at 9 months:

She has three teeth so far.
She loves to dance and seems to have pretty good rhythm.
She can play peek-a-boo.
She still loves her bath time.
She sleeps through the night most nights.
She is eating her food really well and likes pancakes and dumplins.

She loves to bounce when she is excited.

She belly laughs when you kiss her neck and belly.

She is crawling and loves to go on the wood floors.
She loves to take all of her toys out of the basket.
She plays all of her music toys at the same time and dances.
She loves to go outside and swing on the porch swing.

Here is some video of her crawling: (we couldn't get the audio to work)


Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweetheart!!! She is getting so big, and happy and healthy!!! I love looking back and seeing how much she has changed!! Happy 9th month Birthday Anna!!! and what a GREAT big sister you have!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! She put those kicking feet to use and started crawling...I'm sure she won't learn how to walk...she'll just take off running instead!

Cheryl F. said...

She is adorable and looks so very happy. She is growing, won't be long and she will be walking and running. I loved the photos. God is so Good...

Lindsay said...

Mrs. Olson, Anna Grace is so beautiful! You are so lucky to have a joyful baby like her. I saw the video and it made me smile because she is such a happy baby!

Take Care and God Bless!


jessica said...

Wow--what a good little crawler! She is much faster than our little girl-- who is two months older!
Your family is beautiful!
jessi (your cousin Jeremy's wife)

Anonymous said...

She is so very cute and dear, loved watching the video of her, and seeing you all of you at the zoo, lools like you all had a good time. Happy 9 months baby...