Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making Memories

We haven't disappeared from planet earth, only from the world of blogging. We have been in Pennsylvania visiting our family and friends. We went to our favorite place in the world, Whitehall Camp. This is the place where Dean and I met as kids and later found each other again. Each year there is campmeeting and many of our family and friends attend so it was a good chance to introduce Anna Grace to many, many people. Here are some of the highlights!!

This is Allison with her "twin", Allison:

This is Anna's first experience with real grass:
The weather was perfect for a campfire every night!
This is some of my family that was there:

This is Ben, who was adopted from Vietnam by a friend of ours two years ago. He loved Anna!

These are the blankets that Dean's dad has made for all of the cousins.
This is Anna's cousin who is one week older than her. They loved talking to each other already!

Princess Anna:


Anna had her own special golf cart in the golf cart parade and she won a prize!

While we were in Pennsylvania we had to stop at the cematery a couple of times to see Emma's grave. It may seem morbid to some but it is a place of peace for me. I know Emma is not there but I feel her presence when we are there. It was the first time since we got Anna Grace that I felt like we were all together.

My three girls... together...yet apart...but, not forever...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those photos, i enjoy seeing them and watching you all have fun. I knew you were around for campmeeting, I would have loved to have seen you all but i know how important family time is, someday we will see one another
you all

Elizabeth Mills said...

I know this sounds crazy but I love the picture of Allie and Anna at Emma's grave. Would you email it to me? I think it's just so beautiful and precious.

Aunt Debbie said...

I too love the last picture - Three sisters - but one at heart! Love You!

Anonymous said...

I love the olson Blog. It touches my heart and I feel it keeps me in touch with a family I love so much.
Gramma Judy