Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pictures and a really boring post

We took the girls to get their pictures taken yesterday. They did not turn out as well as I had hoped. Anna was not smiling like she does at home. I think the photographer was kind of scaring her. We did get some good ones though.

Her foot is cropped out of this one:

I am cropped out of this one:


Anonymous said...

Yes! certainly did get some good pictures!!!Actually..."good", in our opinion, is "great"!!!! It was such a joy to see the girls! Allie, such a pretty teen-ager, and Anna Grace, such an adorable baby!!! And best of all "sisters" forever!!!

Hope everyone is getting rested up from your two weeks in Vietnam and all that went along with the adoption process there. What a journey it has been!!! We have truly enjoyed following it with you on the blog! Thanks for including us!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Anna is getting a little bit of chub on her! That is a great sign of a baby who is healthy and happy!! She is looking so happy with her big sister! Looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics. I especially like the one of Allie holding Anna.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!
Can see the difference in Anna, but is because she has a
loving family finally.
She looks so happy and healthy and Allie looks great.

Crystal Olson said...

Oh, how special! I think you got some beautiful pictures that will make some wonderful keepsakes for the girls! Allie is really "blossoming" into a beautiful young lady, and Anna is just adorable. I really liked the one of Allie holding Anna, and the one with Anna on Allie's back.
Luv, Crystal

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice pics, everyone at church cant believe how big Allie is.. and Anna Grace is beautiful
love you

Anonymous said...

allie and anna look so pretty in these pictures!

Anonymous said...

I Love the pictures!! They are gorgeous!

Love ya

Nicole Susan said...

Well Stacey... I think they look great... but I would love to take some while you're at camp!! I can't wait...