Friday, July 4, 2008

just chillin'

Today was a good day just hanging around the hotel. Our friends that we met the other day needed a place to hang out before they went to the airport so we spent the afternoon together. They are great people and we had a good time sharing together. We hung out here in the room and then went to the hotel shopping center for some ice cream. We decided to get a "yellow couch picture" of Dylan and Anna.

We also met another family from our agency who just got to Hanoi today. They have an interesting story to tell. It is always good to share experiences with each other. Allie had the amazing opportunity to go shopping with our facilitator and then to her home and out to eat pho. You have to go to her blog to read about it!
Anna's cold seems to be getting better but now she has a rash developing in reaction to the scabies medication. I guess this is pretty normal but it looks bad and seems to be itchy. I hope it goes away soon. She is such a sweet baby and we are trying to make her feel as loved and secure as possible after what she has been through in her short life.

Our VISA interview is on Wednesday. We were hoping to get it sooner but paperwork has to be submitted two days in advance and ours will be submitted on Monday. We basically have four days to do nothing but hang out with Anna and see Hanoi.

Happy Fourth of July!!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I just had the privilege of meeting 3 yr. old Ben Koah at Whitehall. He was adopted from Vietnam by Kristin Koah 2 years ago and he is adorable. Meeting him made me cry and anxious to hold Anna. They are very excited for you all and can't wait for Ben & Anna to meet. They are only three campers away from yours! They asked me to be sure to tell you to try the "spring rolls". They said they are wonderful and they want you to take a half hour ride in the "rickshaw". It was alot of fun and Ben really enjoyed it. We love sharing this with you each day - we fight over who gets to the computer first - that sounds like the olson family:) We love you! Chris & Skip

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time! I am glad to hear that you met some friends. I am sure that makes the days go by a little quicker. (someone to share experiences with)
We miss you guys and can't wait to meet our newest neighbor!
P.S. We went to Debbie's last night to celebrate Eula's b-day. We saw McDuff. He is doing great and I am sure ready for his family and the newest member to return. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July, must be weird in another country for a holiday. Glad to hear that you are having some down time and meeting other families to share with.
Be good and enjoy.
love you

Aunt Debbie said...

Greetings from Bluffton, South Carolina. Gracen said to tell Anna that her and Grandma played Princess dress-up today and she cooked Paw a hot dog. She has beenn sitting here in my lap looking at all the pictures and asking all kinds of questions. Hope you guys have had a Happy 4th and look forward to hearing all about it soon! May you always keep in touch with the friends you have made there from the States. Hurry HOME! Love You!

Crystal Olson said...

It sounds like things are going well, and I'm so glad to hear you found the "mall", a place you can eat, and met some friends! You were all thought of often yesterday at the Olson's Reunion. We had a really nice day not hot, not cold, just right and no rain! You will have to try and come next year. Anna will fit in so nicely with the growing number of little ones around her age, plus I'm sure Jessica and Michaela would enjoy visiting with Allison. There are alot of sandbox, swingset, and game playing pictures of the family together yesterday. The hayride was also a big hit, for the adults and little ones. Of course there was a nice display of fireworks that the little ones really enjoyed (they weren't to loud!!). Deven said last night "I had a great day, can we do it all again soon?" A year is such a long time between get togethers, but it is so nice that everyone tries to make it, and we can all catch up!

I'm also thrilled to hear that you may be home early! The Lord is truely working in your lives and helping you every step of the way! Enjoy this bonding time with Anna, and I'm sure she is thrilled with the attention and love that she is recieving! Thanks for sharing everything with us!
Love, Crystal &Family

Paul, Heather, Ryleigh and Dylan said...

Hi Stacey,
So glad to hear from you! We arrived home safely on Saturday afternoon, just an hour and a half after we were scheduled to arrive. We had a delay our last leg of the flight. Dylan did pretty good, but there were times that were stressful for me at least. He was uncomfortable with the itching, and the rash was a complete disaster! It looked awful, almost raw. Bless his little heart. When we got home, I switched him to the soy formula, and it started to improve almost immediately. And we were in to see the doctor yesterday. He put Dylan on an antibiotic for the congestion and prescribed a .2% hydrocortisone cream to be applied (sparingly) on his face. I did one application last night and another this morning after his bath and his face is remarkably clear! The doctor also had me do a second application of the Elimite. Ugghh! I hope it doesn't cause the whole mess all over again. I think, though, that some of the rash (especially what appeared on his cheeks) was from the formula we used in Vietnam. We are happy to be at home, and Dylan seems to enjoy it here. He is comfortable, is sleeping well, and is eating more.
It was so nice to spend the time together in Vietnam. Please keep in touch and keep us updated on Anna's progress. Safe travels!

The Bergmanns