Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Morning Sickness

Well, I'm still here. Still waiting. I saw another Vietnam PAP refer to the feeling you have when you wake up at 4:30 am to check your email and find nothing from HCMC as "morning sickness". Well, I have morning sickness this morning. It is only Day 15 so I know I shouldn't complain but I still wake up with hope that maybe this will be the day and it is so disappointing that it isn't. I will keep hoping though. I would like to at least get another picture soon. It has been several weeks.

Things are moving along in our preparations. We have our paperwork renewed and certified and authenticated. We have our Visas. I am working on the shots and packing lists. We are thinking of ways we can get that last bit of money needed for the trip itself. We have been fortunate so far that we have not had to go into debt doing this and we want to keep it that way. We have the money for our plane tickets but there are several fees to be paid there and hotel and food of course. I would like to have money to buy some things made in Vietnam for Anna to have as she grows up. I saw one person had bought a small gift to give her daughter on each birthday until she was 18 and a gift for her wedding day. I thought that was a neat idea. I would like to sell my bracelets but I am not very business minded so if any of you have any ideas of how I could go about that, your help would be greatly appreciated!!

I know I am not keeping up with the posting every day thing but that is a little more depressing than I thought it would be. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a gift from vietnam on every birthday..If you don't have the money to buy them all now.. don't forget we have the internet, and I bet you could find some things from Vietnam on here when you do have the money. I can not even imagine how you must be feeling..try to remember that God's time is not always our time ..and soon your arms will be full :)

Anonymous said...

Skip suggested that you buy those folding fans from Oriental Trading and have someone in Vietnam write 1-16 in their language on each one to give Anna each year on her birthday. It sounded like a cute idea so I thought I'd tell you about it. I'm praying for you all!
Love Ya! Chris

Anonymous said...

I came across the music video for Rascal Flatt's song "Everyday"...it reminded me of you! You should check it out sometime!