Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 11

I don't have much to say today so I thought I would share this video a friend shared with me! It was made by some pastors' wives who got tired of their husbands using them in sermon illustrations. Enjoy!!

Oh, you have to put the music on my playlist on pause before you watch it.


Anonymous said...

Loved the video!
I'm not a pastor's wife
but I think we could say that
about all husbands.
Love ya

Anonymous said...


That video was great!! I forwarded it to Doris (Pastors wife). I'm sure she will love it too!! Thanks for sharing :) Have a great day, and keep sharing! One day soon I will read..... "we got the call!!" ... I can't wait! :)

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! I really enjoyed the video.

Unknown said...

Too funny! I am going to send this to one of my best friends...also a pastor's wife.