Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little fingers, little toes

Today we sent all of the paperwork to our agency to accept our referral for this beautiful little girl. It seems so unreal that she is living and breathing so far away from us. I feel so close to her in my heart. It breaks my heart to think of her growing and changing without us there to watch and enjoy her. I know that it is similar in many ways to our love for Emma. We are not with her but we know she lives and she is never far from our thoughts and dreams. We are becoming all too familiar with loving from a distance.

I do believe, though, that God has a plan for this little girl and we are a part of that plan. We need each other. I have found that it is not popular in the adoption world to include God in the picture. I guess I don't know how you can take Him out of it. Just as I don't know how someone could go through the loss of a child without Him, I don't know how you could go through an adoption without the faith that He is with you and guiding you. To be honest, I don't know how you could go through anything without Him. If I did not have the belief that He is my father, my savior, my defender, my life coach, my reason... I don't know why I would bother getting out of bed in the morning.

We have been so blessed with our family and friends who have shared our joy this week. So many of you showed your love for us and this new member of our family in amazing ways. I have prepared myself for the fact that some will not be excited and, as usual, they have not disappointed. We all have our share of those people in our lives, don't we? I love them anyway. What else can you do? Thankfully, the rest of you more than made up for them!

Anyway, I will hopefully be sharing her name soon...


Unknown said...

Such sweet hands and feet!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Stacey,
You have such a beautiful way with words, that we feel what you are feeling. Thanks for sharing and being in my life.
love ya
Lori -PA

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!! I am so in love!! Isabelle Rae is her full name, we call her Izzie. We also call her "Izzie Rae." We had so much fun picking out a name - there are so many cute ones. If we adopted a little girl she was going to be Emma Grace - but God laid it on our hearts to adopt a little boy. Good luck with your name search :) Let me know if you need advice :)