Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Happenings

Our Christmas season started with a matchup between the Rams and the Steelers. Our friends pulled out all the stops when they came over to watch the game with us. They are from St. Louis so they brought quite a collection of their "stuff" to display in our house. They even made Dean a "crying towel" to replace his terrible towel. Too bad for them it was not needed as the Steelers crushed the Rams!

We enjoyed a staff Christmas dinner at Bucca de Beppo's where Dean sat in the throne in the Pope's room. He enjoyed the power a little too much I'd say...

Christmas Sunday, we enjoyed some time with my parents. It was a little cold that day so we were able to wear those clothes we wear once a year, like the corny Christmas sweaters. I swore I would never have one but that seems to be the thing to do here.

Allie was shocked and excited to get a Wii for Christmas. We had her convinced we couldn't find one. Here are her and Carly enjoying a round of boxing. We had several friends and family over for Christmas lunch and had a great time together.

On Christmas evening some friends from PA came down to spend a night before heading down to Disney so we had to take them to the ocean. It was a bit chilly.
Overall, it was a good Christmas. Hopefully, we will have a little one with us next year. It seemed kind of strange knowing there is a little baby girl a half a world away waiting for us to bring her home. Christmas will never be complete without our whole family together. Since our Emma is gone, there is an empty spot in our hearts that will never be filled. I took some time out on Christmas day to write to her in our special journal and I know she was with us, just one breath away. I could hear her laughter and see her sweet smile and I took her with me as I celebrated Christ and enjoyed our family and friends. I hope your Christmas was as full of laughter, love, and magic as ours!!

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Looks like a lot of fun!