Friday, September 14, 2007

Paperwork progressing

Today was an exciting day in the ongoing paperwork pile. We sent our application in to Imigration Services last week and were told we would hear from them within 60 days to schedule fingerprinting. Much to our surprise, we got a letter today in the mail saying we could come down anytime, without an appointment. Needless to say, we were at the Department of Homeland Security here in Jax this afternoon to do our laser fingerprinting. Now we wait for our clearance from them that will give us approval to bring a child from Vietnam into the county and be granted citizenship.

Prior to going to getting fingerprinted, we went over to the Passport Processing Center to get passports for the three of us. They told us that passports are coming back within 3 weeks right now. So hopefully, we'll have our passports soon. These will be needed not only for our travel but also for our dossier submission to the Vietnamese embassy.

With each step this seems more and more real. It's a bit hard to imagine that in seven months or so, we'll be traveling to Vietnam to get our daughter. It's also hart to imagine that she is possibly already born and is either in the orphange already or is at home with her family as they struggle to figure out if they can afford to keep her or will give her up for adoption.

What an exciting time as we get ever closer to bringing our daughter home from Vietnam.

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Sheree said...

I can't even express the happiness and joy that I feel for your family. God is moving in his time and we can't wait to share in the new life that your child will have.
Love you lots